As a result of our commitment to the quality of our products, management systems, contribution to Chinese exports and focus on the continued improvement of our working environment and human resource management, we have received the following awards and recognitions:


  • Dongguan Factory was recognised by Houjie Town Government as a "Top 10 Taxpaying Foreign Enterprise" in Houjie Town.

  • Dongguan Factory was recognised as the 5th largest export contributor in Houjie Town.


  • Yingde Factory was awarded the "Advanced Training Enterprise Award for 2012" by the Guangdong Province Enterprise Training Association.

  • Sitoy was awarded the "Distinguished Award" by the Community Chest of Hong Kong.

  • The Dongguan Factory was accredited as a "Top 10 Foreign Enterprises with Most Tax Payable" in Houjie Town by the local government.


  • Sitoy was accredited the "Houjie Town 2011 Foreign Trade Export Contribution Award' and ranked 6th by the Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Office of Houjie Town.


  • Renewed our certification for ISO 9001:2008 issued by the British Standards Institution for the production of handbags by the Dongguan Factory (which was originally issued in 2001).

  • Accredited as "Enterprise with Harmonious Employment Relationship" by the People's Government of Houjie Town.

  • Accredited as "Qingyuan Municipal Government - Export-Increasing Enterprise Award", by the People's Government of Qingyuan City.


  • Awarded a "Most Consistent Management Commitment" Certificate by a leading U.S. luxury brand.


  • Awarded a "Most Improved in Health & Safety" Certificate by a leading U.S. luxury brand.

  • Accredited as "Advanced Enterprise" by the Dongguan Labour Bureau.


  • Accredited as "Home of Employees" by the PRC State Labour Union.


  • Accredited as "Enterprise with Staff Satisfaction" by the People's Government of Houjie Town.