In addition to pursuing our own business expansion, we place significant emphasis on sharing our success with the society in which we operate. We play an active role in local communities and fulfilling our commitment to the underprivileged is one aspect of our corporate social responsibility.

Community Service

To bring hope and care to the needy while enhancing social interaction and mutual understanding between Sitoy and local communities, we have organized many donation activities for underprivileged communities in China and Hong Kong.

Care for the Environment

We aim to conduct our business in harmony with the environment. As such, our policies include the following:

  • We place emphasis on pollution management and control procedures, including plant operation and maintenance procedures and in the training of our personnel.
  • We have an environmental management policy covering all waste streams and production cycles.


  • Participated in Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk for Millions in January 2018, raised funds for the social welfare institutions, help families in need.


  • Sitoy Group and Love & Care Youth Foundation organized tree planting activities to promote the message of environmental protection.


  • Enterprises & Thousands of HouseholdsDongguan Factory continued supporting the "Enterprises & Thousands of Households" campaign in Houjie Town, by sponsoring households and making cash donation.

  • Yingde Factory sponsored the public forum of Fire Brigade and Police to promote harmonious relations with these emergency services.

  • In response to the campaign, the "Day of Helping the Poor in Guangdong", Yingde Factory donated RMB130,000 to help in mountainous areas to improve living conditions.

  • Yingde Factory made a sponsorship to support the "Weigang Ban Dou Cup" Dragon Boat race of 2012 which was held in Binjiang Park, Yingde City. The contest attracted tens of thousands of people cheer on the dragon boat races. There were 11 teams from Yingchengjie Dao, Wangbu Zhen, Shakou Zhen, Lianjiangkou Zhen, Lixi Zhen, Dazhan Zhen and Weigang Ban Dou in the contest.

  • Our Yingde Factory made a cash donation to Shijiao Liangcun for maintenance of drains and the construction of a tractor road to promote local economic development and mprove traffic conditions.

  • In order to promote healthy social advocacy, our Yingde Factory made a cash donation to a local foundation to promote spiritual and civil recognition awards of courage.


  • Cash Donation was raised at our Yingde Factory for "Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day", and used to address the housing problem faced in poorer mountain areas by building model villages and improving living conditions.

  • Our Dongguan Factory supported the "Thousand Companies, Thousand Households" event in Houjie Town, and offered sponsorship to seven people from two families of Qiaotou Town. The sponsorship including employment opportunities and monetary support for two years.

  • Sponsored Qiaotou Primary School of Dongguan to publish their school newspaper. The new communication channel between teachers and students serves as a new teaching and research platform and improves teaching quality.


  • Organized employees at our Yingde Factory to support blood donation. This activity received a large amount of support from both our management and our employees with more than 100 people participating.


  • An 8.0 Richter-scale earthquake hit Wenchuan, Sichuan Province in the afternoon of 12 May 2008. To help those who suffered in the disaster and to rebuild homes, the Company initiated a fundraiser which raised over RMB400,000, including a RMB200,000 donation by the Board of Directors.


  • The Board of Directors made a cash donation to people affected by flooding in Guangdong Province to help them rebuild homes.